Many of the successful have started with nothing and, through hard work, talent, grit, and a bit of luck, managed to rise to the very top level.

Dipti Adak of Panchanantala is one such woman who had a hard life to lead. She was struggling with her husband and two daughters. Her husband was in the business of making goods like hammer, saws, door handles, window latches, gas lamps, etc. from iron, but it was not running well. Work was not easy to come by. All she could manage was a job as a daily wage worker.

During this time, she met a VFS representative and on his advice she joined a Joint Liability Group in her village and took a loan of Rs. 3000/- from VFS, Balitikuri branch with the intention of helping her husband in his business.

But she had a strong desire to do something on her own. With that strong desire to do something she started a business of making different goods of sequins.

As of date, her outstanding loan amount with VFS is Rs. 50000/-, with a savings of Rs. 400000/- from the two business. She has arranged her elder daughter’s marriage in a good family. Dipti Devi, her husband and their youngest daughter are all involved in running the business successfully. She also employs around fifteen (15) to fulfill orders from her.

Dipti Adak is now a happy working woman. She is handling her business as well as household with same efficiency. For all these things she is grateful to VFS.

In her words, “VFS has changed our lives”.