Sumitra Devi of Purnea, Bihar is a house wife. Her husband has a small business of making rice and wheat by processing paddy. She wanted to support her husband to run the family expenses. But she was not able to collect fund which she required to start a business. At that time one VFS representative came to her house with the promise of supporting her by providing small loan. She joined a Joint Liability group in her village and took loan from VFS. With this loan amount, she started a business of cut-piece and tailoring. With the income she generated from her tailoring business she has repaid her 1st loan and then she has taken 2nd cycle loan. Now, her outstanding loan amount is Rs. 30000/- . She has engaged 4 people under her as labour. She has built a two storied house and her children are getting proper education. She is planning to take more loans from VFS as she wants to make her business grow.