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With rapid advances in healthcare and urbanization, senior citizens are living fitter and longer lives. There are heart-rending illustrations in our society of families abandoning their parents or family members when they grow aged and “unproductive”. The hands that had rocked their cradles, fed and clothed them, sacrificed their small pleasures for the sake of happiness of their children are felt “unwanted”. Their presence is an embarrassment in the so called elite societies that the children socialize in! For the sake of such deserted, abandoned, unwanted poor old women, through its group entity, VFS has established an Old Age Home. These hapless women are given shelter, are fed, clothed and above all cared for. Care is taken to see that they are given respect and dignity that they deserve.

Since 1st December 1993, the old age home for the most marginalized women is established at Pancharul village in Udaynarayanpur block under Howrah district of West Bengal state with the financial support of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

In adherence with the overall objective for providing a better quality of lives with proper shelter and to fulfill the basic needs of the aged, who are widowed, neglected and have no one else to look after, women from the pro poor category and really needy in every respect were selected from a long list of applicants. The residents pass their days by active aging by keeping them engaged in day to day household work, helping in kitchen, doing praying, yoga, meditation, pranayama etc. and spend their time reading newspapers & magazines, gardening etc. Special attention is provided to each member so that she never feels left aloof. Special arrangements are also made so that they get company from the community. Considering their requirements, Morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and nutritious food are served to the residents. Adequate apparels are provided twice a year. Woolen garments, shawls, blankets are also provided. Special care is offered for sick persons and one visiting doctor attends the sick persons regularly. For entertainment the centre also has the provision of color television with cable connections.

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