Alaka Habar, W/O Nemai Habar, of Vill+PO- Raspur, PS- Amta, Dist- Howrah, West Bengal.

Before 2010 she had a very small Idol making business. She could not order more due to her capital shortage. Her husband was day labor. They used to live in a small mud house. It was very difficult for them to maintain her family expenses and the educational expenses of her two children. At that time she met VFS representative and came to know about VFS loan product. She joined in a joint liability group, named, Madhumita JLG of Penro Branch. She had taken 1st cycle of loan of Rs-10000 at 2010 and she invested the loan amount in her Idol making business. Gradually she has taken a multiple cycle of loan from VFS and increased her business. At present her loan amount is Rs-26000. She has taken total loan of Rs-80000/- from VFS. At present she and her husband both are involved in this business. Now her total business capital is around Rs-90000/-.

Presently she built concrete house with 2 rooms. Her two children go to high school. She is very happy now. In her word,” this would have not been possible without the help from VFS”. She is very thankful to VFS.