Anita Halder of Hatsimla village, Nadanhat , Burdwan got married at a very early age. Her husband Bharat Halder had no fixed income. She had to return back to her maternal house where they somehow managed to stay in a house fenced with straws. The family was pushed to its brink, trying to sustain from hunger and poverty.

At this time Anita came to know about VFS. A VFS representative promised her all kinds of support including financial support to become an entrepreneur. She joined a joint liability group in her village and took a loan of Rs. 20000/- from VFS, for the 1st time, to buy a weaving machine.

From the income from the weaving machine she repaid her installments and went on to take multiple cycles of loan t increase her infrastructure. Now, she owns 3 weaving machines.

She is running with fourth cycle loan of Rs. 34000/-. From her earning she has built a house with cement floor. Her daughter is a student of class IX and son reads in class II, which is of great satisfaction to her. Now, she is a happy working woman with her husband and children.

In her words, “I will never forget the role of VFS, which has helped me to change our lives”.