Barnali Banerjee of Parambua village , Dhaniakhali Block, Hooghly district is a simple house wife She was struggling with poverty with her husband, and two children. Her husband used to work as a tailor which was far from meeting the basic needs of the family. This situation played a great role in pushing her into primary earning role. Both of them decided to do something on their own. They had an idea to start a stationery shop. But they didn’t have the required capital to start the shop. They tried to get loan from banks and other sources but could not avail because bank asked for collateral which they were unable to provide. This time Barnali met a VFS representative who promised her all kinds of support including financial support by providing small loans. So, they have taken steps to start, rejuvenate and grow their small businesses with the stationery shop. In the month of March, 2016, She took a loan of Rs. 20000/- from VFS for the first time. With the money, they started the stationery shop behind a school in their locality, which Barnali dreamt of. Apart from books and other stationery goods, they started operating a Xerox machine. She has taken a total of Rs 76000/- loan. Now her outstanding loan amount is Rs. 36000/-. Now her children are getting quality education. They are living a healthy life which is full of satisfaction. Barnali said,“ My life is far from perfect but I am happy with what I have and working hard to get where I want to be”, she added,” Now I am happy and grateful to VFS for showing me the road where I am today.”