Mitini Nagashiya says, “This would not have been possible without the help of VFS, I salute the noble mission of the organization”.

Mitini Nagashiya, her husband and three of their children lived in the Kharibari block of Darjeeling district in extreme poverty. The condition of their house was more or less inhabitable. Her husband used to work as a daily wage laborer in a tea garden. While he was the only earning member of the family his income was also quite irregular. Bearing the regular expenses of the family was getting more difficult by the day. The overall condition of the household was quite miserable.

In 2014, Mitini decided to contribute to the family income but had no funds to start any income generating activities. After a few days a VFS representative came to her home and advised her to become a member of a Joint Liability Group. Inspired by the VFS representative, she took a loan of Rs. 15000/- from VFS, Kharibari branch, to take lease of a piece of land for cultivation.

As their income improved, her family could repair their home and the children started going to school.

She has also taken a 2nd cycle loan of Rs. 20000/- to take more land on lease for cultivation.