Moyna Debnath, her husband and their three children lives in the Village-Dhankoil of Uttar Dinajpur district, West bengal. Her husband is a Farmer by profession; who cultivates mainly Rice and Wheat. He was the only earning member of the family. His income from cultivation was not sufficient to maintain the family expenses and the education of their children, as expenses are growing up day by day but income from cultivation is decreasing gradually. Moyna Debnath was quite at a loss to think the future of their children’s and the family.

In this situation she decided to increase the family income to help her husband but she has no sufficient fund to start any income generating activities. She was quite at a loss, “what to do?” After a few days suddenly a VFS representative came to her home for “Household survey” and advised her to be a member of a Joint liabilities group. Having being inspired from the VFS representative she took a loan of Rs. 6000/- from our Kaliyaganj branch to start a business of Rice making. She boils Paddy and makes Rice and her husband supplies it to the local market. She produces the famous “Tulaipanji” Rice which has a great demand in the locality.

It is a profitable business and her business is growing up day by day. She is now a confident woman and feels proud to be a business woman. At present she has planned to take the 5th cycle loan of Rs 30000/- from VFS to expand her business.

She is very thankful to VFS for supporting her in her bad situation. Now she is a happy and confident woman. In her words, “Today I am able to help my husband to run my family with my own income. It would not be possible without the help of VFS; I am great full to VFS.”