Rina Jha of Mishra para, Bankra is associated with Bankra branch, VFS for last 7 years.

Now she is self-reliant and well- established in the society. With a keen desire to increase the earning her family income she met a representative of Village Financial Services. She understands all the procedure and regulations to take loan and joined a JLG group in her village to take a loan of Rs. 20000/- for the 1st time. She started a business of cutting cloth. Initially, she used to involve her husband and son in her business related work. Now she has appointed 3 laborers in the business. Gradually she has taken loans of Rs.20000/-, Rs.15000/-, Rs.15000/-, Rs. 15000/-, Rs.22000/-, Rs.30000/-, Rs.30000/- respectively in the last 7 years from Bankra branch. Now her business capital is around Rs. 1, 50,000/-. She has transformed her old one room house to a 2nd storied building. Her sons are also well established.

In her word VFS has totally changed her life. She is grateful to VFS for all that happened to her life.