VFS involves extending small loans, savings and other basic financial services to people that do not currently have access to capital. It’s a key strategy in helping people living in poverty to become financially independent, which helps them become more resilient and better able to provide for their families in times of economic difficulty. Sandhya Roy of Daralhat village of Dakshin Dinajpur is such a woman, who benefited from VFS. Her husband is the only earning member of the family. His small income was not sufficient to fulfill the basic needs of the family consisting of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Sandhya devi was thinking of doing something to help her husband to run the family smoothly. But due to the lack of fund she was not able to do anything. That time one VFS representative came to her house with a promise of providing every kind of support including financial support. She joined in a Joint Laibility group and took a loan of Rs. 6000/- from VFS to start a Nursery business in a vest land. Initially her income was negligible but gradually she has taken multiple cycle of loan to extend the business. Currently she is running with a 6th cycle of loan of Rs. 30000/- . Now her business is running very well and she has converted it to her own land. She is very happy with her business as she has been able to bring smile each of her family members. Sandhya said,” today I am able to bear all the expenses of my family, which would have not been possible without VFS”