Nayan Singh Nayak

Nayan Singh Nayak, a middle-aged homemaker from Jagatbalavpur block, in Howrah district of West Bengal, lives with her husband and one minor child. The couple was eking out a living as casual labour for idol-makers. They saw that these small idols of clay, which people keep in their homes, sold well round the year. They decided to have their workshop, but they did not have the capital. After failing to raise any capital from the usual sources such as banks, they visited the local VFS branch.

“In fact, VFS was a boon in disguise,” says Nayan today. With an initial capital of Rs 25,000 from VFS, she could finally start her own business. “I am so happy that VFS saw the spark in my eyes and helped me realize my dream which no others including the banks tried to understand,” says Nayana with tears in her eyes.

The business was a success, and currently Nayan is in her fourth loan cycle with the latest one of Rs 50,000. “I must thank VFS for its timely support, without which our life would have still been in the grip of poverty,” Nayan says. Business is flourishing.

Updated on Jul 29, 2020