Sabera Begum

A resident of Bankra in West Bengal’s Howrah district, Sabera Begum lives with her husband Akhtar Sardar and two children. Her husband owns a grocery shop, but they were making do with great difficulty and Sabera wanted to start a business. She chose readymade garments and approached VFS with a loan. Sabera started off in 2014 with a loan of Rs 20,000. With her zeal and hard work, she expanded her business manifold. VFS, acknowledging her hard work, upgraded her to a Sambriddhi customer. In August 2019, she got a loan of Rs 1,50,000 from VFS. Sabera now has around 30 people working for her business. She has an average monthly profit of around Rs 40,000 after paying for cloth and other raw materials (Rs 3,00,000) and labour (Rs 1,00,000).