Growth and Empowerment

It is not only credit services, Village Financial Services regularly engages in different credit plus or support services for our customers. These services are provided directly by VFS or by its group companies.

The customers of VFS are women. As it is well known, that in India, women are mostly dependent on their husbands. In case of any unfortunate event of death of her husband, the family becomes helpless. There are thousands of examples where the widows are not permitted to stay in her husband’s house, having to leave home along with their children.

Keeping this in mind VFS has tied-up with an insurance provider to introduce the facility of life insurance for the husbands of our customers, so that in the case of any untimely death, the wife can get financial support. All our customers are also covered under the insurance scheme as well.

Apart from insurance, VFS also provides various training programs to our customers. We also organize different workshops on different social issues at regular interval.

Broadly these customer training programs can be classified into two categories:

Customer Development Training:

Keeping in mind the pitiful condition of rural women, our Customer Development Training empowers women by developing leadership qualities, building business skill and developing good business sense. We also organize different workshops on different social issues in a regular interval.

Customer Awareness Training:

The Customer Awareness Training is designed to spread awareness on financial literacy, market conditions, business operations and multiple borrowings.


Staff Training


Apart from Customer Training Programs, we also realize the importance of having a training field force to handhold our customers, thus helping them succeed in their endeavours.

The Staff Training Course is a rigorous process of 3 months which has been divided in 2 steps:

Induction Training

The two day Induction Training is conducted by the Training Department after which the trainee is posted in a branch for two weeks for on-field experience in operations. During these two weeks, the Training Department assigns the trainee with a special task which needs to be completed in lieu of hands on field experience. On completion of two weeks training period, a zonal review meeting is conducted by the respective Zonal Manager for further development of the trainee. A report of the Trainee’s performance is submitted to the Training Department.

Post Induction Training

After the 2 weeks’ hands-on training at Branch, the Training Department further trains the new trainee for 3 days for revision and flawless implementation. The new recruits appear for a short test of 30 minutes regularly before training class starts to understand their level of knowledge. After the training another test of 100 marks is conducted to evaluate the learning gathered from the training. Qualified candidates get posted in various branches while the others are trained again for a second opportunity. Those who fail to qualify in the second test, fail to achieve an appointment with VFS. After the training, another test of 100 marks is conducted based on the training provided.

Apart from these VFS conducts three (3) more types of regular training programs, viz.,

Periodic Refreshers’ Training:

Periodic Refresher Courses are conducted by the Training Department at a regular interval for all levels of existing staff to update their learning, experiences and basics of relevant subjects and responsibilities. This is done on the basis of Training Need Analysis and 180 days of Training Feedback Analysis. Generally, the duration of Periodic Training is 3 days. Respective Head of the Departments conduct training classes and question-answer sessions. Special motivational training classes are conducted by the Chairman and Managing Director. Trainees are required to appear in a test of 100 marks after completion of the training program.

Subject Training:

According to organizational need, training can be conducted on any specific subject. The topic can be diverse, like operations, accountancy, software, communication, motivation or any other work intrinsic subject. Generally the duration of these training is 2 days. All existing staffs are entitled to such training in accordance with their need. Often external faculty is invited to conduct relevant subject based training programs. In this training, a departmental target is set and the execution is monitored at regular intervals.

External Training:

Apart from the above mention training programs, the Training Department also conducts external training programs for different level of staffs according to identified needs.