The customers of VFS are exclusively poor women, who are engaged in or willing to start income generating activities (IGA) but do not have any access to main stream financial institution.

Our operation methodology is to adopt a mechanism of forming JLG (Joint Liability Group), a joint group effort towards self-employment, where different members of similar socio-economic profile and living in the same neighborhood (one representation per family), form a group of five (5) working for the development of all. After taking the loan the members are bound to the organization individually and as a group for repayment.

The process includes-

  • Area Selection
  • Group Formations
  • Financial Transactions

Timeliness is of utmost priority in VFS and is maintained meticulously.

All the services are provided to the customers at their doorstep such as preliminary training, documentation for loan sanction, collection of loan repayment installments, insurance claim settlement etc.