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Solid waste management is a term that is used to refer to the process of collecting and treating solid wastes. It also offers solutions for recycling items wherever permissible.

From the time when people have been living in settlements and residential areas, garbage or solid waste has been an issue. Waste management is all about how solid waste can be used as a valuable resource. Solid waste management should be taken up by each and every household, including the business owners across the world.

Industrialization has brought a lot of positive changes, but it has a few shortcomings as well. One of the negative effects of industrialization is the creation of solid waste.

Through its group organization, VFS organises street plays & human puppet shows on the importance of hygienic food and solid waste management. Trainings are also organized for food hawkers on the hygiene and nutritional aspects of street food in collaboration with National Food & Nutrition Board, Kolkata

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