VFS provides sustainable income generation opportunities for underprivileged women in the villages. It extends credit and complementary financial services to households, entrepreneurs and small business owners which, in turn, create and sustain jobs, reduce poverty and empower their clients, particularly women. One such woman is Afsana Begum of the Powakhali branch, Bihar. Afsana Begum, along with her husband Jubair Alam and 2 children, had to fight poverty endlessly. Then Afsana came to know about VFS. A VFS representative promised her all kinds of support, including financia, to become an entrepreneur. She joined a JLG in her village and took a loan of Rs. 20000 for the first time from VFS office to start a business of Haldi (Turmeric) processing. She is happy that her business is growing by the day. Now she is planning for a 2nd cycle loan. Her children are going to school. She has also bought a buffalo. Now she is happy to be running the family smoothly. She expresses her gratitude to Village Financial for its help that changed her life for good.