Alaka Habar is the wife of Nemai Habar, of Village Raspur in Amta, Howrah Distrcit, West Bengal. Before 2010, she had a very small business of making idols. She could not expand her business to a shortage in capital. Her husband was day laborer. They used to live in a small mud house. It was very difficult for them to meet the family and the educational expenses of her two children. At that time, she met a VFS representative and came to know about VFS loans. She joined in JLG named, Madhumita JLG of the Penro branch. She had taken a 1st cycle of loan of Rs 10000 in 2010 and invested money in her idol-making business. Gradually, she took multiple cycles of loans from VFS and used them to increase her business. At present, her loan amount is Rs 26,000. She has taken a total loan of Rs 80000- from VFS. At present she and her husband are involved in this business. Now her total business capital is around Rs 90000. She has also built a concrete house with 2 rooms. Her two children go to high school. She is very happy now. In her word,” This would have not been possible without the help from VFS.”