“If by strength is meant moral power, then woman is immeasurably man’s superior”. – Mahatma Gandhi
Women entrepreneurs, when successful, act as a change maker in their families and society and inspire others to become self reliant and take up entrepreneurship. Their success helps families, society, and regional economies by contributing to the growth of the nation.
One such success story lies behind the life of Anima Roy of Rajnagar village, Uttar Gomoti district, Tripura, who undertook to advance her own and her family’s economic well-being. Having born in abject poverty, married to a small farmer she has two children. Her husband’s income was not enough to fulfill their basic requirements and to provide their children basic education. She was thinking of doing something to help her husband and to support the family but due to lack of sufficient fund she was not being able to do anything .In this circumstances, she was forced to take risk, became courageous to come out of her home and participated in an income generating project with the help of Village Financial Services which motivates women into entrepreneurship, ascertain the challenges faced by women towards entrepreneurship development. VFS empowers women and provide necessary mental confidence for entrepreneurship.
VFS representative advised her to become the member of joint liability group (JLG) and accordingly, Anima came to Udaypur branch of VFS and took a loan of Rs. 14000 from VFS to start a business of Rubber processing and a small shop of stationary products. Her business is growing day by day and she is planning to take 2nd cycle loan to expand her business .She thanked VFS “ VFS has helped me run my business, they have changed our life, my children are going to school, which would have not been possible without help from VFS..”
A small loan paired with good training can launch a woman into business, bringing change to her family, which is the primary objective of Village Financial Services.