VFS aims to empower borrowers by helping them build a business which can create income and grow. One such borrower is Aparna Mitra, Nimta, North 24 pgs.
Five years back, Aparna’s husband passed away. Widowed with a son and living in a small house, she became helpless. She has no way to feed her son. Her husband used to run a business of making candle which shut down after his death. But she never lost her mental strength.

Meanwhile, she came across a representative of Village Financial Services and came to know how VFS supports the poor women in remote areas of the country to help them become self-sufficient. Aparna started taking loans from VFS to make up for the loss of her husband’s income. She became more self-sufficient as her son got older and was able to fulfill her dream of opening a small business.

On 25th July, 2012, she took a loan of Rs. 8000/- from VFS for the 1st time to revive her husband’s candle making business. Since then, she has taken multiple cycles of loan to grow her business and so far she has taken a total loan of Rs. 91000/- from VFS. Now she has 8 employees under her.

Aparna said, “Before I met VFS, I had no hope” she added, “now I have my own business and my life has improved. My goal now is to buy my own house and to look after my son’s education”.