Lebu Rani Ghosh of Bolpur is another story of women’s empowerment. She was starving with her husband, a son and a daughter. Her husband is a farmer and the son is working as a daily labor. She came to know about VFS from one of her neighbors and joined a JLG in her village which changed her life and made her self-confident. Initially, she took a small loan of Rs. 10000/- and started a business of milk. Through sheer hard work she has been able to grow her business day by day. With the income generated from her business, she repaid her first loan and took another loan. In this way, she has taken multiple cycles of loans from VFS. At present, she is running with her 7th cycle of loan of Rs. 35000/- . Now, she owns 5 cows and accordingly, her business has grown. Her daughter is a student of class XII. She is an inspiration to many other women in her village. She thanks VFS for changing her life.