Malati Maity is a resident of Alankarpur village, Ramnagar Block, East Midnapur.she lives with her husband and two children. She used to work for someone else, preparing handicrafts with sea-shells. She decided to quit the job to become self-employed, and met a representative of VFS, the best decision she has ever made. With the promise of all kind of support from VFS, she was convinced that she could build a business on her own, and offer a good life to her children. Inspired by the VFS representative, she joined a Self-Help Group and took a loan of Rs. 10000 from the Ramnagar branch of VFS and started making handicrafts from the sea-shells on her own. After the repayment of the said loan, she has taken multiple loans of Rs. 12000, Rs. 15000, Rs. 24000 and Rs. 30000, respectively, to extend her business. She is making different kinds of handicrafts items like idols of different Gods and Goddesses and various types of decorative items with shells. She also prepares customized items. Her average monthly income has risen to around Rs 20000, helping her replace her kaccha bari with a pakka bari, and open a savings bank account. Her son is going to a renowned school, with her daughter married in a good family.

In the words of Malati, “Now I have become self-sufficient, which would have not been possible without the support from VFS.”