Stories of heroic struggles against odds, survival and eventual triumph have always inspired people, given them hope and courage to fight. Here, the Story of Manimal Manna, which we believe, would ignite our never-say-die spirit and inspire us to become all that we can be. Manimala Manna, of Garbalia, Jagatballavpur, Howrah , is a remarkable testimony of empowerment through collective action.

Manimala, with a strong desire of building a bright future for herself, her children and husband Ashta Manna, joined a Self-Help group in her village following advice from a VFS representative. Now, she is running with a 6th cycle of loan of Rs. 30000/- from the Bargachhia branch. She started with Rs. 5000/- and continued with Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 7000/-, Rs.10000/-, Rs.14000/- , Rs. 20000 and Rs. 30000/-. Initially, she used to make wooden brushes. Now she is doing a business of making machinery brush. She has also engaged a few women of her village in her business, making them self- sufficient. Her children are going to school now. Not only that, she has been able to build a pakka house for them.
Manimala says,”I got every support from VFS to run my business, and without their help I could have not reached here.