Rupali Bhowmik, is an inhabitant of Tapan village of Dakshin Dinajpur district, West Bengal. Her husband, who owned a small beverage shop, suddenly died from c0ardiac failure a few years ago. After his death, the shop closed and it was quite impossible to maintain the family consisting of her and her son. She didn’t know what to do to keep her family afloat and was concerned about the future of her child. She began thinking of reopening the family shop but due to creditors and insufficient fund, it became impossible. Suddenly, she came to know about VFS from one of her neighbours’ and came to our Tapan branch, and then joined a JLG, which was promoted by VFS. Initially she took a loan of Rs 8000 to start the business. Now her business has improved, she has taken the 7th cycle loan of Rs 40000 from VFS and has decorated the shop. Thus the income of the family is growing by the day. At present, she has repaired her home and has bought many durable goods for the family. Her son goes to college. She also saves money for her son’s future. She is very thankful to Village for supporting her in her trying times. Now she is a happy and a confident woman. In her words, “I have come out from darkness with the help and support of VFS.”