Supriya Saha Poddar along with her husband and two children lives in the Village-Santanagar of West Tripura district, Tripura.

Supriya Saha Poddar, along with her husband and two children, live in Village Santanagar of West Tripura District, Tripura. Her husband is a potter by profession; He was the only earning member of the family. His income, however, was not sufficient to meet the family expenses. They could neither support the education of their children because the expenses kept mounting, while the income from the business was not growing as per the need. In this situation, she was thinking about starting an income-generating activity to support her husband but due to insufficient funds, it was not possible to do so. She was getting frustrated. It was around this time, she happened to meet a VFS representative who advised her to be a member of a JLG. Inspired by the VFS representative, she took a loan of Rs. 15,000 from our West Tripura branch to start a business of pot decorations needed for different occasions. Initially, the business was not so profitable but now it is doing well. Her husband does the marketing for the product. Now she is a confident working woman and is very thankful to VFS for supporting her. She says, “Today I am able to help my husband to run my family with my own income. It would have not been possible without the help of VFS.”